Why Golden Goose sneakers look worn in



Our sneakers' lived-in look speaks to uniqueness and authenticity

The philosophy of perfect imperfection 

Our design choices and creations are rooted in celebrating imperfections and authenticity, which are intrinsic qualities of life experience. 

As a brand, we aim to enhance our customers’ singularity and creative expression, crafting items that simultaneously embody a journey and tell a story. 

Our signature lived-in look

The idea of providing our sneakers with a time-worn aesthetic stemmed from our very first model, the Super-Star, launched back in 2007. 

During a trip to Los Angeles, founders Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, were hugely inspired by California’s thriving skating hub - namely, by the shoes worn by skaters cruising LA’s oceanfront bowls. 

 The signs of wear and tear from continued use shown on the skaters' sneakers were a testament to their passion and, at the same time, referenced their personal life stories. Marvelling at the beauty of such wear marks, Francesca and Alessandro decided to lend a distressed effect to their first model, deliberately recreating an imperfect, worn-in style - our so-called signature lived-in look - with rough wear spots, just like the ones naturally caused by skateboarding. 

The secret behind our artisanal lived-in look