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the Golden Motel

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The journey back home for the holidays, the need to make a stop. This old-flavored place just happens to be there, immersed in nothingness where endless possibilities are wide open. It's in the air in this time of year, you know, all these hopes and dreams. The only thing you're looking for is a shelter for the night. Grabbing the key, but where is it really going to take you?

The Turners: the Journey to a new Home

Always together and always ready to put themselves on the line,

these Holidays will give them a new, warmer way to enjoy the value of family.

And that's where they're going. Will it finally be the place to stay? 

Edgar: Knocking at

an Unexpected Door

From the moment he sets foot in a place, he knows exactly that he's going to amaze you. That's his secret: to unleash that unexpected detail that reveals his true soul. And perhaps it speaks more than a thousand words.

Skyler: a Time

Traveling Stardust

She hasn't been home in years, deciding to give up flatness and follow a road paved with stars. But fate sometimes has a weird irony and it's easy for it to make the limo stop due to an incomprehensible breakdown, in a godforsaken place. Going from the city that never sleeps to probably the sleepiest city in America.

The Bradburys:

Hunting for Beauty

A small, intimate and passionate family, far from traditions, dinners and crowds.

Their big project has finally started: a journey to find beauty, the most hidden one.

The Golden Motel is one of these potential and incredible discoveries.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Loud Pearls:

You Snooze, You Lose

They burst into the hall like an out-of-nowhere punch in the face,

bringing along the kind of mistery that only rock'n'cool chicks have.

The tour is coming to an end and the girls are facing the longest journey of all,

preparing for the last performance before going home.

Vesper: a Disruptive Match 

A glamorous lady and her meaningless steps if not followed by eight fluffy little paws.

Family is whoever's glad to accompany you wherever you go and follows you to the end of the Earth.

Let's just hope they won't tear the Golden Motel apart…

The Savages: Long Live the King

Rock'n'Roll always brings everyone together,

merging public and artists in one unique family devoted to the undisputed King.

A bond that can last a night or a few notes - or just the time to be picked up

and dumped in front of this absurd Golden Motel.

A grouchy soul trying to break his loneliness routine, stopping by in what seems the most normal place - which usually is the kind that unleashes the most unexpected atmosphere. The first step to get used to the warmth of love before reaching his daughter, the one waiting for him for the festivities.